Professional Teeth Whitening Course + Kit

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What You'll Learn



Pre care/after care

Client consent waivers

In-depth tutorials with videos/picture demonstration

How teeth whitening works


Official certification

Business/marketing paid social media ads (video walkthrough on how to gain clients)

What's Included In The Kit?

★ 1 - Whitening solution (44% Carbamide Proxide) Enough for at least 5 clients*

★ 1 - Gum Barrier Solution - Enough for at least 8 clients*

★ 5 - Replacement tips

★ 1 - Professional Teeth Shade Guide

★ 1 - Mouth Retractor

★ 50 - Cotton Swabs

★ 50 - Micro Swabs

★ 1 - Medical Grade LED Light

★ 1 - LED Safe Glasses

★ 2 - Dental Napkins

★ 1 - Bib Holder (for dental napkins)

Who Should Enroll?

→ Anyone wanting to expand/start their own business!

→ Anyone already certified & looking for a refresher.

→ Anyone craving community support. 


How It Works

→ Enrollment 

  • Sign up by purchasing the course & look in your inbox for the email containing the link to your training (all trainings are within our website, and sent immediately upon purchasing).
  • Simply follow the link & you will have unlimited access for life to the training information.


→ Life-Time Support

  • You will be able to ask as many questions as you have via live chat at the bottom left of the screen. While you're in the training, a live instructor will be able to assist you.
  • You can also email us at for additional support.


→ Practice, Practice, Practice!

  • While you're hard at work studying, we'll start working immediately on fulfillment to get your kit to you ASAP!


→ Certification 

  • Once you complete the course, you will immediately receive your official certificate via Official PDF Download.


→ Supplies

  • We offer affordable prices on all supplies needed for restock to keep you rocking with your service!

How Much Can I Make?

→ Daily

  • 3 clients daily with a 40 minute session $120 each - $360


→ Monthly

  • $7,200


→ Annually

  • $86,400