HA Replacement Solution

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VOLUME- Filler with the largest particles. Volume Filler is a dense gel which allows it to hold its shape perfectly.  Suitable for correction of contours and significant asymmetry of forms.

LIGHT- More of a liquid consistency, but still have a very important role. Light HA is great for easily correcting the shape of the lips & shallow wrinkles.

DEEP/ FINE- Heavy anti aging benefits, which are used for all wrinkles. Great for significant lip augmentation.


• Neuramis Volume- This HA is very dense which is what makes adding volume effortless. 

• Revolax Deep- Immediately fills facial depressions in the deep layers of the skin.  Lasts 6-8 months.

• Dermalax Deep- Used for both contouring & treatment of lines and wrinkles.

• Neuramis Deep- Best used for volume enhancement and deep wrinkles. Lasts 6-8 months.