Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

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Our Professional Teeth Whitening Kit includes everything you need to get started! These are the same products we use on our personal clients & are proven to get the job done while offering the tools for the best results possible for your own clients.

Our Kit Includes:

  •   1 - Whitening solution (44% Carbamide Proxide) Enough for at least 5 clients*
  •   1 - Gum Barrier Solution - Enough for at least 8 clients*
  •   5 - Replacement tips
  •   1 - Professional Teeth Shade Guide
  •   1 - Mouth Retractor
  •   50 - Cotton Swabs
  •   50 - Micro Swabs
  •   1 - Medical Grade LED Light
  •   1 - LED Safe Glasses
  •   2 - Dental Napkins
  •   1 - Bib Holder (for dental napkins)


Q: Which light should should I select? 

A: Depending on your setup, one light might be better than the other. If you have a table behind you where the clients sit, the table mounted LED light will be fine. If you don't have that access of your room/office is plain the floor mounted LED light is recommended. 


Q:  How long will it take to receive my kit?

A: We offer FREE 3-7 day shipping via USPS with tracking