Professional Teeth Whitening Course

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Our Professional Teeth Whitening Course includes all the knowledge you need to get started! 

Our Course Includes:

  • Insurance/Safety
  • Disqualifications
  • Pre care/after care
  • Client consent waivers
  • In-depth tutorials with videos/picture demonstration
  • How teeth whitening works
  • Consultations
  • Official certification
  • Business/marketing paid social media ads (video walkthrough on how to gain clients)


Q: How long will it take to complete the course?

A: Our courses are deigned for you to be able to work at your own pace. If you sit down & focus on the material, you can become certified in 24 hours!


Q: Is there a certification at the end?

A:  Yes! A certification will be given to you automatically once you complete the course & meet all the required criteria.


Q:  When will I have access to the course? 

A: You will gain access to the course immediately! 


Q: What if I don't have any clients to perform this on? How can I get traffic to my store/room?

A: We offer paid ad support for social media! These are the same techniques we have used in our personal business to get foot traffic in our studio. These are practical skills so don't over think it, we're here to help.


Q: Will I have support through & after the training?

A: Yes, we offer true 24/7 support for life. You will always have access to the course as well as a certified instructor to answer any questions you might have.