Hyaluronic Acid

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Whats the difference in fillers?

Depending on the area you are working on, there are different fillers marked light, fine, volume, and deep. These labels indicate the particle sizes of the Hyaluronic Acid in a homogeneous solution.

VOLUME- Filler with the largest particles. Volume Filler is a dense gel which allows it to hold its shape perfectly.  Suitable for correction of facial contours and significant asymmetry of forms.

LIGHT- More of a liquid consistency, but still have a very important role. Light fillers are great for easily correcting the shape of the lips & shallow wrinkles.

DEEP/ FINE- Heavy anti aging benefits, which are used for all wrinkles. Great for significant lip augmentation.


• Revolax Deep- Great for Deep wrinkles, nasolabials folds, augmentation of the cheeks, chin and lips. A thick and longer lasting gel, results last 12-18 months.


• Dermalax Deep- Used for both facial contouring & treatment of skin lines, and wrinkles. It is a softer filler, so it is best used when injected into areas with fine to moderate wrinkles. This injectable gel can successfully be used to both hide the signs of aging and augment the looks of the patient in areas such as: Filling nasolabial folds, Improving the volume of the cheeks, Enhancing the lips volume, Contouring lip lines, Filling skin depressions, and Improving wrinkles and lines. Lasts up to 12 months.


• Neuramis Deep- Best used for facial volume enhancement and deep wrinkles. Correction of deep folds, Lip contouring, Augmentation of cheekbones, and Chin enhancement. Lasts 6-8 months.


• Neuramis Volume- This is one of the most universal HA fillers. Neuramis Volume immediately fills facial depressions in the deep layers of the skin such as severe folds and it also added volume under the skin. Great for adding volume to any area of the face. Lasts 6-8 months.


• Hyafilia Grand- Thicker than Hyafilia Classic. Grand is great for almost any area of the face. Very natural results. Last 6-8 months.


• Hyafilia Classic- The most natural of the line, it can treat a number of treatment areas. Those include: Face, Dorsum of hands, Neck, Chin, and Lips. Lasts 6-8 months.

How many boxes of filler should I select?

1 box is enough for 1 client but practice makes perfect so we would recommend starting with 2-3.

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer Quadpay for interest free financing. Please select this option at checkout.

How does the subscription work?

You select any quantity of filler you need on a weekly basis. The subscription will default to billing every 7 days from the original purchase date the subscription was selected. You can cancel anytime with no fees. Any orders placed by the automatic subscription is non refundable.